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contentVoices of pedagogical development – Expanding, enhancing and exploring Higher Education language learning.

By Juha Jalkanen, ‎Elina Jokinen, ‎Peppi Taalas – Book  Editors

JUHA   JALKANEN  . MA  is  a lecturer and  a  pedagogical developer at   The Language Centre. His research focuses on pedagogical  development and  language  and literacy practices in Technology – rich environment .

ELINA  JOKINEN . PhD  is  a lecturer at  The Language  Centre. She  has a special interest in writing as an academic profession and  the  creative process for Art  and  Research.

PEPPI  TAALAS  .PhD  adjunct professor , is the  Director of  The  Language Centre . Her current research interest are educational  and organizational change processes on both policy and practical level,including change in learning and teaching cultures,staff  development  and teacher  roles ,and attitudes in technology enhanced language learning settings.

Students that lack the confidence to apply their writing skills effectively overcome this barrier when they perceive.

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