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Workshop 1 — Leadership

Each teacher has the power to improve student achievement. At this conference, for a next future you will rethink your daily classroom instruction, strengthen your leadership capacity, and recharge your battery. You learned to design engaging student work, the importance of instructional design and examine the roles of mentoring and coaching. Novice and veteran teachers will tell their own success stories and share their joy in being teacher leaders.

Workshop 1 — English Teachers in the Classroom.

The English Teachers draw on their own experiences —their successes, of course, but also the mistakes they made and the misgivings they had— to offer guidance and support for managing the demands of teaching elementary and secondary English.

From addressing the numerous subdisciplines within English to making individual accommodations, from dealing with being the primary instruction in the school to everyday organizational strategies, helps teachers find a way to impose order on what often seems like an overwhelming array of responsibilities.

Focusing all aspects of building a successful English classroom, the experience offers unique and proven strategies on topics such as:

  • Planning for the long term.
  • Designing programs of development of abilities.
  • Creating effective assessment systems.
  • Implementing instructional strategies for writing, reading, media/technology, and basic skills.
  • Examining the curriculum through the lens of multiculturalism.
  • Attending to the needs of all students, especially those who require special attention.
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