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trainingCourse : CLASSROOM   MANAGEMENT .
Relatora   : Mrs Lorena Belmar.
Description :

Every teacher wrestles with the challenge of keeping two or three dozen students in a classroom engaged. While better instruction generally results in better behaved students, the most brilliantly crafted lesson can fall on deaf ears or, worse, be upended by disruptive behavior. A strong, teacher with expertise may only occasionally have difficulty handling disengaged or poorly behaved students, but for new teachers, the strain of trying to deliver sufficiently engaging instruction and at the same time orchestrate appropriate behavior can be intense, overwhelming and ultimately defeating.

Considerable research exists on classroom management, much of it consolidated into three authoritative summaries of 150 studies conducted over the last six decades. These studies’ agreement that some classroom management strategies are more likely to be effective than others helped us isolate the five most important strategies on which to train teacher candidates…

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